Social-Emotional Learning With


Leadership & Healthy Living Program

The only scholastic program that helps students become physically and mentally fit and healthy in the context of Social-Emotional Learning and academic instruction.

The Perfect Program for 
In School – Purchase the program for your students and facilitate it
Home School – Easy to follow
Online Support for In Person Delivery – For added value

It’s true! There is nothing else like it.

  • Basic literacy instruction in Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking
  • Social-Emotional learning to help students understand and cope with their emotions
  • Exercise and motivation to move their bodies.
  • Mental Training to build strong self-esteem and beliefs
  • Tons of fun!

What do you get?

Each section is available separately or in a 3 section bundle.

Section 1

Storybook 1 - The World’s First Fitness Superhero

Workbook 1

Audiobook 1

Logbook 1

Section 2

Storybook 2 - More Than Just Fudge

Workbook 2

Audiobook 2

Logbook 2

Section 3

Storybook 3 - I
Smell a Rat

Workbook 3

Audiobook 3

Logbook 3

What is the Program?

The program is built on the 3-book series The Adventures of Captain Pump, a fictional story of the world’s first fitness superhero who helps kids “Save the Day the Healthy Way!”

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Leadership Program Workbook

Each storybook is accompanied by a workbook. The Captain Pump SEL Leadership Workbooks expand and elaborate on the lessons learned in the Captain Pump Book Series to develop social-emotional learning, life skills, and leadership qualities.

The Workbooks also promote developing healthy lifestyle habits by offering physical and mental training exercises and healthy eating suggestions that evolve week by week.

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Leadership Program Logbook

The entire program is supported by a Logbook which the students use daily to log their progress and do their program assignments.
This logbook provides documentation of their growth through participating in the program and offers parents the ability to actively be involved in their child’s progress and development.

LogBook Book 1The Captain Pump Logbook expands and elaborate on the lessons learned in the Captain Pump Workbook Series to enhance all elements of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

Audio Books

This combination of audio and visual material is perfect for building vocabulary and literacy, especially for students who have fallen behind, or just lost interest, in their reading. Additionally, it is a great support tool for any child learning English as a new language.

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Additional Program Perks

Reinforces good
study habits
Multimedia and

Empowers students to
be their best and like
Who They Are

Creates an
optimal learning
where Everyone
is Welcomed
and Accepted.

Who is it for?

Everyone! The Captain Pump Leadership Program is geared for students with different learning styles – spatial, visual, auditory, and oral.





The program is designed to suit both students who require more guidance and those who prefer working independently, by providing activities for independent learners and extra guidance for those who need additional direction.

Why is it unique?

It’s a literacy, social-emotional, exercise, healthy eating, mental training, and leadership program all-in-one!

The Captain Pump Leadership Program further incorporates independent reading and group participation encouraging students to read aloud and interact with each other to help build self-confidence.
It also includes workbook strategies such as fill-in-the-blanks, sentence starters, and multiple-choice quizzes that allow for consistent evaluation throughout the program.

Literacy: enhancing listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills

Social-Emotional Learning: improving self-awareness and self-worth

Inter/Intrapersonal Skills: understanding themselves and others

Experiential Learning: through reflective journaling and interaction

Fitness: mental and physical development to improve wellbeing

Once completed your students will be better leaders for
themselves by being fit, healthy, and kind – like a Pumpster!

For more information email –

“Save the Day the Healthy Way”
Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally.