Pumpland’s Graduation Day


Hi Kids!

It’s me Captain Pump! Today is a great day in Pumpland. It is “Pumpster” graduation day! What is Pumpster graduation day you ask? Well, here in Pumpland we teach people how to be fit, healthy and kind. That is what we call a Pumpster. When people reach their fitness and health goals and pass the kindness test, they become a full-fledged Pumpster. I bet you are one too and you don’t even know it.

It is very important to be fit and healthy. Your body is your friend, and you should always be kind to others. Also, be kind to your body. Treat is right by giving it good food and regular exercise. If you do this every day you will always Save the Day the Healthy Way! So Happy Graduation to all!

Until we meet again my Pumpster friends,

Save the Day the Healthy Way!